Tuesday, September 14, 2010


11 years after I was first diagnosed with ADHD, I had my information gathered and I was finally ready to face the truth: I have ADHD. Living untreated is an ongoing practice of failure. I recognized that my life, my efforts in school, and my marriage were all on roller coasters.

So I had my first meeting with a well known neurologist. I really can't put the resulting disappointment into words. Fortunately my husband was with me.

I was referred to Dr. N by a psychologist I saw for adult ADHD through my EAP. The recommendation was seconded by parents of children I've known for years. These credentials were misleading.

He's glad that psychologists like the one that referred me are starting to see that it's not ADHD, it's that people are tired.

In short, Dr. N doesn't believe in ADHD. Or at least that's what he said before I started crying.

There were other details but I'll skip them for now. I need to sleep.