Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here and There

As I walked to the restroom ahead of the rest of my class tonight, it occurred to me that I was lookin' good. Not just that, I was feelin' good, too. I made it to class, dressed well, on time, and with all required materials. Plus I was wearing my sexy dress, a hot little number that is fashionable yet appropriately conservative in a work/school environment. Hell, my hair was even done!

As I mulled these things over, I walked into the men's room. I realized my mistake in time to catch the door as it shut, turned on my heel, and managed to laugh at whatever a classmate was saying about the incident before we were in our respective--and appropriate--bathrooms.

What strikes me most about this scenario is not my distractedness but how in tune I was. I didn't see a thing in the men's room--I was hardly in before I left again. And still some part of me said "WHOA!" and stuck my arm out to keep the door from closing. Some part of me was paying attention, it just had to be heard above my distracted self.

I made an appointment with a neurologist for the end of this month. Maybe I'll be seeing more of myself soon.

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